Music Lessons

Subjects available:

  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting (instrument optional)
  • Recording Basics (Logic Pro) 
  • Performing
  • Ukulele (beginner to intermediate)
  • Piano (beginner to intermediate)
  • Guitar (beginner to intermediate) 

Rates & Policies

First lesson is 100% free! Use this to learn your first song, sightread notes for the first time or write your own first song. From there we'll make a plan that fits your goals with music, as well as your budget and schedule. 

Zoom lessons offered at $35 - $60/hr sliding scale. If you need sliding scale (lower than $60/hr), in-person instruction in Colorado, or other accommodations, please include this in your email. 

Reach me at or through the contact page to set up your free first lesson. 

Payment & Packages: 
You get a discount for buying multiple lessons at once!
For example, at $60/hr: 
4 lessons = $225 ($240
6 lessons = $330 ($360
8 lessons = $420 ($480

24 hours notice is preferred, but least 4 hours notice for cancelling lessons is required. Otherwise, half of the lesson’s fee will be owed. Exceptions may be given for emergencies and extenuating circumstances at my discretion.


More Info

At the heart of it, I really love music and love teaching. It’s the joy of learning again, connecting with someone else, and sharing the wonders of music all in one. I believe in lots of positive encouragement, fun, and working toward your goals. I grew up a competition dancer initially, but music always called me. I've been writing songs since I was 7, and playing instruments since I was 12. Somehow no one believed I wanted to do music, but that only made me indignant to do it anyway. Now here I am, and I'm passing it on to you. 

I learned through a variety of teachers and teaching methods including myself, my dad, private lessons, community college, undergrad, and graduate schools. Because of this, I am able to approach the explanations & exercises from multiple angles and quickly adjust if one way doesn’t work for my student.

I went through all of my education as an undiagnosed neurodivergent person, so I understand the difficulties learning can bring when you struggle to focus or need a certain environment that most places don't provide. Let's make this environment work for you. That's part of the positivity in Zoom and in your own home. Whether it's fidgets, extra variety, breaks, or something else that'll help, let's integrate it. 

As a musician, I work in a variety of areas (see the About page for bio), which allows me to cross-pollinate our lessons if desired. For example, teaching theory and quickly applying it to an instrument. Or teaching an instrument and starting songwriting. Or tying together songwriting and performance. And so on. 

I can recommend books that have helped me, but I do not require you to buy any books. I can always scan ones I have and I find plenty of use in online tools.  I recognize that for some, an extra expense is the last thing you want, or that following a book is boring and hard to follow. For others, it helps build discipline or go farther on your own. We all learn differently. I follow general material guidelines for my lesson plans, and I customize from there on pacing and approach. 

Reach out through the Contact page or direct email to inquire about your lessons.