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Rowan’s Identity & Message

Rowan Blackwood is transgender nonbinary, and goes by they/he pronouns. They’re comfortable with either pronoun set being used, or switching between. They identify as neither male nor female, but are fluid within and without the gender spectrum. It varies how feminine, masculine or androgynous he feels, and that may affect the clothes he wears or the pronouns/gendered language he prefers. But overall, they’re nonbinary and go by they/he pronouns.

The heart graphic Rowan uses is actually inspired by gender symbols, blending a few of them, altering a little and turning the usual circle at the center of the symbols into a heart. To Rowan, this heart symbol represents less about the genders and more about pride, community and love.

They’re also pansexual, and can feel attraction regardless of gender. This doesn’t mean they’re attracted to everyone, just that when they do feel attraction, it doesn’t matter if the other person is male, female, or another gender.

A number of Rowan’s songs come from their experience as a transgender person in society. He writes LGBTQ+ anthems, as well as more subtle and emotional songs, relatable also to those who aren’t LGBTQ+. He wants to touch people as well as educate them about different identities, and support those out there that maybe can’t come out yet. His music will stand up for them.

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Term Definitions

Transgender: not identifying with your assigned sex at birth. Someone transgender may or may not ‘transition’ by wearing different clothes, going by different pronouns, changing their name, or undergoing medical transition or hormone therapy. Every person is different.

Nonbinary: Umbrella term for gender identities that aren’t male or female. Includes lack of gender, third gender, genderfluid, and many more. Nonbinary people may go by the neutral they/them pronouns, or gendered pronouns, or neopronouns such as xe/xem, fae/faer and more. Always ask people their pronouns!

Mx.: The gender-neutral version of Mr./Ms.

Pansexual: attraction to all genders; regardless of gender

Bisexual: attraction to 2 or more genders

Genderfluid: Gender changes between 2 or more genders. It may vary daily or in varying time periods. It may switch between male and female, female and nonbinary, various nonbinary genders, or any combination. Every person is different.

Note: This is a very limited list of terms, only based off this page’s information! For more info, do some research and/or check out the resources above. If you have any questions, reach out to an LGBTQ+ organization or contact someone LGBTQ+ who you know. There’s no shame in asking questions, just be respectful. And ask pronouns!