Rowan Blackwood (he/xe/they) is an LGBTQ+ songwriter/composer/arranger, who writes indie pop as a solo artist and orchestral works for theater and film. They are also available as a music assistant, arts admin, orchestrator, assistant stage manager, and teacher. 

Blackwood grew up in a disciplined dance track while writing songs, then expanding into similar areas like choral music, filmmaking, and producing variety shows. A jack of all trades, they continue to pick up instruments including piano, guitar, ukulele, and the latest addition, violin. They’ve also taught music, starting from being an unofficial tutor in every music theory class throughout college, to mentoring kids at the 52nd St Project in their Songmaking program. 

A classic overachiever, Rowan graduated high school at 15 and went on to complete a bachelor’s in Songwriting from Los Angeles College of Music and a master’s degree at BerkleeNYC in Writing & Design for Musical Theater by 21. 

His performance credits include Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, Chomu Palace in India, Radio City Music Hall, and several Hollywood locations such as the Zephyr Theatre and the Complex Theatres and Studios. He’s also been a part of several LGBTQ+ centered shows, including the LA debut of Trans Voices Cabaret and self-produced shows for a nonprofit in the making, Respect All Love. 

They’re known for blending arts and activism with an added visual flair. It may be no surprise then, xyr influences include Brandi Carlile, Elton John, Danny Elfman and Cirque du Soleil productions to name a few. 

He loves a good puzzle, not only in composing but also in music arranging & notation, computer coding, and languages (though he’s still not bilingual). Ultimately, Rowan is a creative nerd who loves vibrant color, flair, depth…and spreadsheets.