Rowan Blackwood (they/he) is an LGBTQ+ singer/songwriter with introspective, romantic and whimsical works. A newly young adult, they already have a decade of writing behind them, as well as years of performing as a dancer and then a musician. He also took a jumpstart with education, graduating high school at 15 and moving out on his own at 16 to pursue a Bachelor’s in Music. They were born and raised in Los Angeles, but have performed internationally as a solo artist and choral singer. This includes venues such as Yale University and Chomu Palace in India, performing as an artist, and Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall as a choral singer.

   As Rowan’s music is often wrapped in political and social commentary, they have been described as a modern protest singer. He promotes mental health awareness and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights through his songs and through his LGBTQ+ organization, Respect All Love. 

    Their next steps are releasing an EP in Spring 2021, building an audience online, and pursuing new collaborations. 

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